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Calculus II homework help needed!!?

Calculus II Topics

❶It is great place if you need help with homework or to just strengthen and advance math skills.

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Chapter 1 : Integration Techniques

I am weak in calculas and need to learn new concepts. Take a random sample of Take another random sample of What are some important concerns when placing ECG electrodes on a patient? Why is it important that the ECG leads are placed correctly? What are the consequences of incorrect placement? How can the m. Please explain why, or how which answer is right. Please High Light in red the correct answer as well. Convert your power series solution to the actual function.

How do u find critical points? Spring in Southern California has finally arrived. You are looking forward to filling your swimming pool, which has a length of 10 meters and ends with trapezoidal shape.

The trapezoids on the ends ha. Have a similar question? Continue to post Continue to edit or attach image s. Fast and convenient Simply post your question and get it answered by professional tutor within 30 minutes.

Help With Calculus Homework At the centre of any mathematics field and nearby sciences lies calculus. If the quotient is rewritten as a product, is the exponent -1? Evaulate function at endpoints: Continue the interval table by: The critical value for which f x is increasing to the left and decreasing to the right is a relative max.

Determine the relative extrema using the Second Derivative Test: Be sure to consider the limit approaching both positive infinity and negative infinity. How to Do Optimization Problems: Identify the unknown variables; add to diagram or table. Write an equation to relate the given and the to find. Reduce the number of variables to 2. Find the derivative and Critical Numbers.

Test the critical numbers for max or min, using 1st derivative or 2nd derivative test, and state solution. Is "to find" found? Does solution make sense? Using the Limit Definition to Find Area: Sketch the function f and indicate the region on the interval [a,b]. Is f continuous and nonnegative on the interval? Substitute c i for x in the function and proceed with the sums, using Summation Formulas, Theorum 4. Evaluate the limits at infinity. Find the points of intersection of the curves. If the curves are close and orientation is difficult to determine, substitute values between those of the points of intersection to determine which is above or to the right of the other.

Use the sketch to determine which integral to use: If each curve passes the vertical line test in the bounded region, use vertical rectangles, the x variable, and the integral: If a curve fails the vertical line test but passes the horizontal line test in the bounded region, use horizontal rectangles, the variable y, and the integral: If the bounded area contains more than one distinct region, write the area as the sum of the areas of each distinct region.

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Oct 19,  · Calculus II homework help. Hi, I am new to this forum and I found about this forum on Well I have been having some trouble with my Calc II work. It would be great if someone could explain this problem to be Find the total length of the astroid x=a (cos. Oct 11,  · In a certain city the temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit) t hours after 9am was approximated by the function T(t) = 40 + 8 sin (πt/12) Find the average temperature during the period from 9 am to 9 Open.