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Cheap Amusement Book Review

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❶One exception to this homosocial pattern of recreation was an emerging group of single, adolescent wage earners.

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With the exception of standing on the street corner, most leisure activities were commercialized and turned a profit. In opposition to the businessman were the mothers and fathers that still lived by "Old World" traditions and did not want their daughters or sons engaging in some of the activities. The exploitation of heterosexuality was extremely controversial and Peiss sites this as a major hang-up in the changing of female leisure activities.

The emergence of the dance hall and the attending of these establishments by unattended females were a primary concern for conservatives. The mothers and fathers saw this as an act of disrespect for ones self and an exploitation of sexuality. The struggle to maintain control over the leisure activities of a young girl became even more difficult whenever she was working.

Most mothers had not made money as a bachelorette and balked at the wishes of their daughters to spend their free time at these new activities that involved young men. Kathy Peiss makes the world of a young working female in New York City, living around the turn of the century, come to life in less than two hundred pages. Any reader of history would find this book a good resource for research as well as enjoyable reading.

Free essays on Sociology posted on this site were donated by anonymous users and are provided for informational use only. The free Sociology research paper Cheap Amusements essay presented on this page should not be viewed as a sample of our on-line writing service.

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So what an amazingly powerful experience it was for these young women to work and on the sly to talk about what it meant to have sex. And work started early. Even so, these young people found time for socializing in a way that their parents never had. Social clubs began to be the rage, and dressing up became a point of pride. Romance was difficult for these young working people, most of whom either lived in tenements with their families or in single-sex boarding houses that were chaperoned.

The freedom to date went along with cultural tensions in immigrant families, between the new world liberalism and the old world conservatism. The biggest fad of all for single working women was dancing. Remarkably, most immigrant groups viewed these dances as safe and respectable places for their daughters.

The one exception was Italians The popularity of dancing of course caused the number dancehalls to grow. By , there were dancehalls in New York, some of which could hold as many as people So that not too much fun could be had, dance halls had chaperones who had to patrol and make sure not too much frottage was occurring. They allowed the waltz and the two-step, and they dictated proper positioning: Peiss describes it like this: Evidently this sort of dance was shocking to the public and the response was divided by class.

The men, as mentioned before, had rituals of treating drinks. But the women knew they had to put out. Yeh gotta be a good Indian, Kid—we all gotta! Next Peiss has a whole chapter on the Coney Island Excursion. For example, Peiss talks about the efforts Coney Island parks made to overcome the period when the resort had become a place of con games and criminals.

Goerge Tilyou advertised to the middle classes specifically, and he warned his vaudeville performers specifically with a sign that said:. Performers playing in this house are requested not to use any Vulgarity or Slang in their act and to kindly omit the words Damn or Liar or any saying not fit for Ladies or children to hear … Our audiences are mostly ladies and children and what we want is only Polite Vaudeville.

These were themes of early silent movies. Because of the emerging female working class, there began to be a female audience for movies and vaudeville. Various researchers have noted a connection between the plots of early films and the diverse audiences. They did so by forming social clubs and organizations like the Y. These clubs tended to have a membership of working women, but the roles of officers tended to be held by women of middle- and upper-classes, which ultimately caused resentment Ultimately, the leisure pursuits of working class women ended with marriage and children.

It must have been a rude awakening to experience a burst of freedom only to go into a life of slavery. Posted by Heidi at Newer Post Older Post Home. Burlesque and American Cultur Working Women and Leisure in Tur Innocence Tragedy, and Traditi Amusing the Million, Part Two.

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Cheap Amusements essaysPeiss, Kathy. Cheap Amusements: Working Women and Leisure in Turn-of -the-Century New York (Philadelphia, PA: Temple University Press, ). Kathy Peiss describes the leisure activities of young working women living in New York during the late nineteenth and early twenti.

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An essay or paper on Role of Cheap Amusements. An extremely interesting, but ever-contradictory sociological study of sexual relationsis presented in the Kathy Peiss book Cheap Amusements. The reason I say that it is ever-contradictory is that the arguments are presented for both the benefit of cheap amusements for a woman s place in societ.

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Cheap Amusements. New York: Temple University. In Cheap Amusements, Kathy Peiss studies the customs, values, public styles, and ritualized interactions expressed in leisure time of the working-class women living in New York. An extremely interesting, but ever-contradictory sociological study of sexual relationsis presented in the Kathy Peiss book Cheap Amusements.

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In Cheap Amusements, Kathy Peiss studies the customs, values, public styles, and ritualized interactions expressed in leisure time of the working-class women living in New York. In the Game of Human Life, at least in this penny-cheap broadside cheap amusements essays version, a pair of dice and a pinch of luck offered amusement and, at the end, immortality help writing a paper for its is buying essays online safe players Simple narratives always distort what they intend to dissect.