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Paralegal Programs Available Through Accredited Schools

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Paralegal Program Approval and Accreditation – Selecting a Quality Program
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Its curriculum is centered around classroom-based learning that is accentuated by hands-on practical assignments lead by professional paralegals. Rockford Career College is a 2-year private, for-profit career college that offers an associate degree and a diploma program in paralegal studies.

Both programs are only available through online learning and require significant out-of-class assignments. The paralegal diploma program is 10 months in length. To spice up online curriculum content, the program asks students to perform mock depositions and participate in an externship position with area law offices. The AAS is paralegal studies program is only open to students that already hold a diploma in paralegal studies or equivalent and can be completed in 7 months.

Roosevelt University is a 4-year private, not-for-profit university with a bachelor degree and post-baccalaureate certificate program in paralegal studies at its Chicago and Schaumburg campus locations. The BA program consists of credit hours. The curriculum presents a heavy emphasis on civil litigation and delivers hands-on training in litigation software and e-discovery applications.

An internship component is also an integrated feature of the program. The paralegal certificate program is comprised of 24 credit hours and emphasizes civil litigation. Its also involves internship opportunities with government agencies and legal entities such as: Southeastern Illinois College is a 2-year public, community college situated in Harrisburg.

Its AA in paralegal assistant program consists of 62 credit hours to graduate and provides relevant courses in career-related topics such as medical terminology and business law.

Southern Illinois University-Carbondale is a 4-year public university located in Carbondale. Its BS in paralegal studies program has been around for over 30 years and only hires licensed attorneys as instructors. The program is made up of credit hours along with a hour internship portion.

Although the curriculum is classroom-based, there are certain courses that students can complete online or through distance learning formats. Students exercise practical training skills through a hour internship experience. Although most courses are taught on-campus during night hours, some classes can be completed online or via distance learning.

University of Illinois—Springfield is a 4-year public university that is one of three campuses within the University of Illinois school system.

Students may also enhance their curriculum by participating in internships and clinical education experiences to earn credits. The BA program is only taught through classroom-based instruction or a blended learning format, and requires the completion of an internship. Students that achieve a high GPA throughout the program will also be awarded a legal assistant certificate upon graduation. The AAS program consists of 63 credit hours taken over 4 semesters. The certificate program includes 24 credit hours and only takes a year to complete.

You wake up extra early that morning with butterflies fluttering excitedly in your stomach. Instead of your same old attire, you wear that new outfit you bought just for this occasion. As you grab breakfast, fill your backpack with unfamiliar books, and head for the front door, you think: Today is a big day.

And you are right. The first day of school has always been this milestone event marking the starting point of a new chapter in life. This is particularly true of your college experience. Setting the educational groundwork for your career is no easy feat. In fact, it can very well dictate how successful that career turns out to be—just ask anyone returning to college to qualify for a better job or change professions. But before you start that first day of school, you must go through the not-so-fun school selection process.

Anderson University is a 4-year private, non-for-profit, Christian college with strong ties to the Church of God. Its legal studies minor program requires 15 credit hours of coursework, which includes 3 hours working in a legal internship. Ball State University is a 4-year public university located in Muncie. The BS in Legal Studies—Business option is 69 credit hours with many courses devoted to topics in accounting, economics, and finance. The BS in Legal Studies—Public Law option also consists of 69 credit hours but more heavily emphasizes aspects of government, public policy, and politics.

Indiana State University is a 4-year public university based in Terre Haute. Students enrolled here enjoy customized course schedules, visits to the US Supreme Court and the Indiana Court of Appeals, small- to medium-sized classrooms, award-winning instructors, study abroad and internship opportunities, and participation in massive research projects.

International Business College-Indianapolis is a 2-year private, for-profit college that offers an associate degree in paralegal studies. The program strings together 63 credit hours including real-world practical training during its 8-week legal externship segment.

Full-time students can expect to complete the program in just 16 months. And since the college believes in the power of one-on-one instruction, courses are offered in small class settings. Ivy Tech Community College is a 2-year public, post-secondary school based in Indianapolis with satellite campuses throughout the state. Both the campus-based and online AAS programs cover 60 credit hours and include an internship elective course option.

Students lucky enough to attend Ivy Tech gain access to faculty members that are also practicing attorneys and judges. They also gain professional insight through mock classroom simulations and by hosting the Indiana Court of Appeals. Students that opt for the online AAS degree program will receive curriculum via online and video formats. Marian University is a 4-year private, not-for-profit, Roman Catholic university located in Indianapolis that houses online associate degree and certificate programs in paralegal studies.

The undergraduate certificate program consists of 29 credit hours, while the AS program is 66 credit hours. Although both programs are online-based, students are asked to plunge head-first into an internship position as a curriculum requirement. Purdue University Global is a 4-year private, for-profit university that offers a post-baccalaureate certificate program through its Indianapolis campus.

The exclusively online certificate program requires 36 credit hours to complete. The program is also taught entirely by legal practitioners. Its paralegal program is a member of the American Association for Paralegal Education AAfPE and currently awards a bachelor degree, an associate degree, and a certificate of completion. The BS program is credit hours in length and allows students to choose a specialty track in either litigation or personal law.

The AS program demands 41 credit hours that supplements engaging online learning with applied practical experience. The certificate program requires 32 credit hours and is only available to students that have already obtained a baccalaureate degree. All three programs include a legal practicum unit, which cannot be completed online. Instead, students are compelled to land an internship position working with an attorney or in a law-related office setting for a total of hours.

University of Southern Indiana is a 4-year public university based in Evansville that offers a legal studies minor program for students to quickly get their foot in the door of the paralegal profession.

This program is comprised of only 21 credit hours with courses in economics, political science, and criminal justice. Students are also encouraged to complete a legislative- or political science-related internship to enhance classroom learning. Vincennes University is a 4-year public university. Did we mention it is the oldest college in Indiana? Students that enroll in the AS program must earn 60 credit hours to graduate. Those anxious to begin working in real-life paralegal capacities can take law-related internship positions and receive school credit.

In fact, many people become paralyzed with anxiety even thinking about becoming another nameless, faceless student in an ever-expanding sea of classmates. This may ring especially true for aspiring paralegals that understand more personalized instruction could very well equate to a richer educational experience.

Does this sound like you? Unlike most states, all of the paralegal programs on our recommendation list are offered through community colleges in Iowa. This means that in just two years, paralegal students attending these programs are fully prepared to either promptly enter the workforce or smoothly transition into a 4-year degree track.

Some of these schools even offer online paralegal degree and certificate options. And to make sure we only show you the cream of the crop, all paralegal programs on our list are accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools Higher Learning Commission. Des Moines Area Community College is a 2-year public, post-secondary school located in Ankeny that offers an associate degree and a post-degree certificate program for paralegals. Both programs happily allow students to start at the beginning of any semester.

Students enrolled in either program are treated to an internship experience that includes hours working in a private law office, government agency or private business that hires attorneys. The AAS program requires the completion of 64 credits hours, while the certificate program only requires 26 credit hours. Only students that already hold a bachelor, AA or AS degree are eligible to apply for the certificate program.

Hawkeye Community College is a 2-year public, post-secondary school based in Waterloo with a great legal office assistant associate degree program. The legal office assistant program requires 63 credit hours and includes insightful law-based courses such as legal document processing, business law, legal office concepts and procedures, introduction to criminal justice, and legal terminology.

A hour business internship is likewise included. This AAS program stands out because of its enthusiasm for practical experience. Not only do students get the unique opportunity to work on actual cases with the Innocence Project of Iowa, but they also earn credits through an approved internship.

The program consists of 70 credit hours that are primarily taught in small classroom settings. However, a few select courses are available through online learning. Iowa Western Community College is a 2-year public, post-secondary school situated in Council Bluffs that offers an online-based associate degree in paralegal studies.

The mandatory 3-hour experiential internship places students in a law office for the kind of real-world experience employers love to see on a resume. The program features an average class size of 18 students and graciously accommodates both full-time and part-time schedules.

Kirkwood Community College is a 2-year public, post-secondary school located in Cedar Rapids. To accentuate the internship experience, students engage in spirited monthly seminars to discuss and reflect upon its career significance. Marshalltown Community College is a 2-year public, post-secondary school with a satellite campus at Iowa Valley Grinnell.

For greater flexibility, both degrees are also available entirely online. The AAS program is designed for students planning on immediately joining the workforce upon graduation. Both programs are 64 credit hours in length with experienced Iowa attorneys offering instruction.

The curriculum places a strong emphasis on Iowa procedures and law, designed to serve students to work in the state court systems. Northeast Iowa Community College is a 2-year public, post-secondary school based in Calmar that offers an AAS in legal assistant program at its Dubuque and Peosta campus locations. The program requires 65 credit hours and includes relevant courses like introduction to paralegal studies, legal and medical terminology, criminal law and procedure, and family law.

Students are welcome to enroll during summer, spring, and fall semesters. Landing a job as a paralegal might mean spending the morning delivering a report that determines what evidence to seek in the discovery process of a lawsuit.

Before you go home you have to follow up with a potential new client about his case. You work for it. This means acquiring competitive credentials that give you the skills and real-world experience to rank above your peers. This is where our list of the best paralegal schools in Kansas comes in. The programs on our list are for people from all walks of life — career changers, recent high school graduates, and those who already have work experience as a paralegal.

It can be completed in combination with any degree or other program offered by FHSU. It can also be completed as a stand-alone certificate program for those coming in from high school or making a career change. Subjects covered in this campus-based program range from emerging areas like cyberspace law to conventional study of the criminal justice system. Students in this program can draw on the Center for Legal Studies as a valuable resource.

One of the reasons we chose Hutchinson Community College is because its graduates consistently report being really satisfied with their experience. Students talk about this program as the best in Hutchinson, they love where its campus is located, and see it as a good value in the region in terms of both quality and cost. The AAS degree is comprised of 64 credits while the certificate program is 36 credits.

The AAS degree is open to those coming from high school or anyone else looking for a competitive academic foundation in this field. Graduates of either program will have a solid foundation of knowledge that will prepare them to take the national certification exam through the National Federation of Paralegal Associations NFPA.

Applicants need good exam scores and a competitive academic record because the AA program is popular and selective. From its Overland Park campus, the certificate program is 33 credits while the AA program is 63 credits.

Both programs are designed to be completed in two years, and both include two internships worth one credit each. All prospective students need to complete an English composition course and paralegal introductory courses before being admitted to these programs.

Applicants also need to contact their selected program and arrange to take the Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Test. This includes courses on litigation, criminal, family, probate, insurance and real estate law, and culminates with two paralegal internships. Over the course of two years and semester credits, this Kansas City, Kansas-based school prepares new college students and career changers for a promising future in the paralegal field.

Both these programs are offered at campus locations across Kansas: The AAS program is designed to be completed in two years while the BS program is designed to be completed in three years and nine months. Students usually exceed these periods of estimated enrollment. This program ranks on our list because of the ease with which graduates go from the classroom into the professional field.

With a campus in the heart of Wichita, students have the chance to develop and foster relationships in the legal community that blossom into strategic networking opportunities.

Totaling 36 semester credits, this program has two time tracks for completion: Both tracks include a paralegal internship. This program is on our list because of the competitive advantages it provides its graduates. Upon graduation students meet the requirements to take an optional paralegal certification exam through the National Association of Legal Assistants NALA.

Students can choose to take classes either online, or on-campus in Overland Park or Topeka. This program also includes an internship component: The certificate program is designed to be completed in 18 months, and about half the students graduate on time. We chose this school because its Topeka campus allows for a high degree of inter-connectedness between paralegal students and the local legal community. The BLS is designed to be completed in four years while the certificate program is designed to be completed in just 12 months, and both programs include an internship.

Earning a degree or certificate is the ticket. Even with small town law firms serving rural clients, a formal education will make a huge difference in your prospects. All the programs on our list have either earned the stamp of approval from the American Bar Association or are otherwise offered through a school accredited through the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The AAS is designed to be completed in eight quarters two years , the BS in four years, and the certificate in three quarters 39 weeks.

EKU makes our list because we love the way it offers ABA-approved programs that prepare students to launch into the professional workplace. The BA program is credits four years , the AAS program is 64 credits two years , and the certificate program is 30 credits one year. We chose this program because it has one of the highest cost-to-quality ratios in the state.

The AAS program is designed to take two years to complete and consists of 66 credits. The certificate program is designed to take 48 weeks and consists of 39 credits. We chose this program for several reasons, especially because of the extensive opportunities for hands-on experience. Students participate in everything from community projects and pro se divorce clinics, to clinics about wills and internships in the community at large.

This BA program takes approximately four years to complete, and students report very high satisfaction with how their career prospects turn out after graduation. Of those that choose to go on to grad school, percent were accepted.

With three ABA-approved programs offered at campus locations in Louisville and Lexington, this program definitely makes our list. The AS 92 credits can be completed in 18 months, the BS credits in 33 months, and the post-bac certificate 56 credits in nine months. All paralegal students at SU have access to LexisNexis and Westlaw, taking part in a curriculum that emphasizes practical skill development.

This program makes our list because of its quality and the level of student satisfaction reported after graduation. The credit AA program is designed to take two years to complete, while the BS program is designed to take four years to complete. Both programs offer paralegal internships where students get a chance to leave the Louisville campus and go out into the greater metro area to explore all their professional options. As an ABA-approved program, students are welcome to transfer credits from other such programs.

The fact that both these programs are ABA-approved and both provide the opportunity for a paralegal internship earns this school a place on our list. The AA program is designed to take two years to complete 66 credits. The BA program is designed to take four years to complete credits.

Each program culminates in a three-credit internship in the greater Bowling Green area. Core courses combined with the electives this program offers allows students to become well versed in the most relevant paralegal skills and legal specialties.

This program is designed to take two years to complete and is comprised of 60 credits. Located in its namesake city, enrolling at BRCC means easier access to opportunities in the legal field the greater metro area has to offer.

Both these programs accept applications from those coming from high school or who are making a career change. All you need is a high school diploma or GED to apply. It is comprised of The degree program is We chose this school because it does an exceptional job of preparing its students for success as professionals in the field of legal assistance.

This credit degree is designed to be completed in four years. It includes two internships in the greater Grambling area that are worth three credits each. Herzing U makes our list because it offers a range of different programs that allow you to pick and choose what is best for your own individual situation.

All you need is a high school diploma or GED and you can apply for admission to the program of your choice. The online and campus-based BS program is credits and can be completed in nine semesters, with the average student finishing in 36 months.

All programs include an internship capstone experience. This is a non-credit continuing education program open to those who already have some level of college experience, who want to bolster their professional paralegal credentials, and who may be earning continuing legal education to fulfill national certification maintenance requirements.

This program is offered on a full and part-time basis. It can be completed in one year full-time two semesters , or in up to 30 months part-time five semesters. We particularly like this program because of its flexibility. Furthermore, campus classes are available during the day and at night. This program can be completed in two years and totals 71 semester credits. It is proud of the local connections it has made in the Lake Charles area legal community, which gives students even more resources when they complete their capstone internship.

Both programs are open to anyone who wants to advance their professional credentials. The certificate program is a shorter version of the AA program, and credits earned as part of the certificate program can be applied later to the AA. The certificate can be completed in a year, while the AA program takes two years to complete. The AA program includes a practicum as part of its curriculum.

Tulane makes our list as the school with the oldest ABA-approved programs in the region, with all of its courses being taught by practicing paralegals and attorneys. This university offers two Louisiana campus locations in New Orleans and Harahan.

Students in all programs undertake a hour internship as they near graduation. The AA program is designed to take two years to complete and is comprised of 60 credits. The BA program is designed to take four years to complete and is comprised of credits.

It takes one year to complete this credit program. There are two schools in Maine that offer academic paralegal credentials. The AS program has 61 semester credits and takes two years to finish.

The BS program has semester credits and takes four years to finish. The Paralegal Studies Certificate program is open to anyone and designed for students who are changing careers or who are already working as paralegals and want to gain more professional qualifications. This program is 15 credits, and can be used as a stepping-stone to the advanced certificates. The two advanced certificates offered by HU are both 15 semester credits and are open to those who have already earned the Paralegal Studies Certificate.

All certificate programs take approximately half a year to complete. Students in the AS, BS, and advanced certificate programs have the opportunity to complete an internship in the greater Bangor area. This school made our list because it offers current and prospective paralegals a range of options tailored to specific career and credential goals.

The AAS degree is comprised of 90 credits that can be completed in two years. The BS degree is comprised of credits and can be completed in four years.

The undergraduate certificate is 31 credits and can be completed in 44 weeks. It is a shorter version of an AAS or BS degree, and the credits you earn in this certificate program are transferable to those programs.

The post-bac certificate is 36 credits and can be completed in 55 weeks. Maryland punches above its weight when it comes to the paralegal profession. Even as the 19 th most populace state in the nation, we have the 11 th highest number of paralegals US Department of Labor, In Maryland and the surrounding area you could be going up against paralegals that already have experience in multinational corporations, international lobbyist groups, and the most important federal offices in the nation.

Distinguishing yourself in this pack starts by having a recognized paralegal credential. These institutions have programs for aspiring paralegals from all types of backgrounds. This includes those making a career change, students who are fresh out of high school, and experienced paralegals who want to add to their professional qualifications.

These are open to anyone who meets the general admission requirements for getting into AACC. All certificate programs are comprised of at least 31 credits and designed to be completed in one year. The litigation certificate, business certificate, and business AAS programs all feature internships as part of their curricula.

We like this program because it requires all students to complete 90 hours of attorney-supervised experience in a paralegal internship somewhere in the greater Baltimore metro area.

This program is designed to be completed in two years and consists of 60 semester credits. We like this program because the cost-to-quality ratio is extraordinary. The AAS program is 60 credits and designed to take two years, while the certificate program is 29 credits and also scheduled to be completed over the course of two years part time.

Both programs include a cooperative work experience segment, while the certificate program also offers the opportunity for job shadowing. The AAS program is designed for career changers and students out of high school. The certificate program is designed for students who already have a degree in a legal-related subject or work experience as a paralegal.

This program makes our list because it connects paralegal students with professionals in the legal field in one of the most important metro-area markets in the nation. The AAS degree can be completed in two years and is 60 credits. The certificate program can be completed in one year and is 31 credits. During the last semester of each program students have the opportunity to engage in an internship at a legal institution located in the greater Baltimore metro area.

This AAS program is 60 credits and takes two years to complete. The certificate program is 33 credits and takes 18 months to complete. Both programs include a three-credit internship at a legal institution in the greater Frederick area. HCC makes our list because it offers incremental options for paralegals that want to start with a certificate with the option to earn an AA degree. The certificate program is 30 credits and takes one year to complete, while the AA program is 60 credits and takes two years to complete.

You can apply the credits you earn in the certificate program towards an AA if you decide to continue your studies. Both programs offer students an internship opportunity that takes place in a law office or other legal environment in the greater Hagerstown area. Classes take place on campus in the daytime and evenings.

Both programs offer an internship in the Bel Air and greater metro areas. The AS program is 60 credits and takes two years to complete. The certificate program is 35 credits and also takes two years to complete. The AAS program can be completed in two years, totals 60 semester credits, and culminates with an internship located in the Rockville or greater DC metro area. The certificate program is 24 credits and can be completed in two semesters, while the letter of recognition is nine credits and can be completed in one semester.

You can apply the credits you earn in these programs towards the AAS degree should you choose to pursue this later. We chose this program because of its convenience and opportunity. From its campus location in Largo, students have tremendous opportunities for paralegal internships in the greater DC metro area. Students have the convenience of studying fully online as well as on campus. The AAS degree can be completed in two years, while the certificate program can be completed in 18 months.

Both programs offer the opportunity for internships. The certificate program is a shorter version of the AAS, and you can apply classes you take for the certificate towards the AAS degree if you decide to continue your education.

The AAS program is 90 credits and can be completed in two years. You can use this degree as a stepping stone to a BS at KU if you decide to continue with your education. The BS program is credits and can be completed in four years. The certificate program is 36 credits and can be completed in 55 weeks. Another great feature of this program is its internships: As a graduate of this program you are qualified to work as a paralegal directly out of school. Four-year degrees in legal studies are hard to find, especially those that are offered in a convenient online format.

This school has both, which is why it makes our list. Anyone with a high school diploma or GED qualifies for admission to this school. Massachusetts has one of the oldest legal systems in the nation. As the state that offers the 10 th -highest average paralegal salary in the nation US Department of Labor, , paralegals in Massachusetts have some of the strongest career indicators of any profession. This has caused demand for paralegals to skyrocket, and if you want to stand out among the competition you need solid credentials.

These schools offer programs for career changers, high-school graduates, and experienced paralegals who are looking to add to their qualifications. We selected this program to feature because it offers a supportive environment for students.

No surprise that graduates here have a strong record of going on to success. Located in Worcester, students can complete this certificate in one year. It is made up of six courses covering legal research, litigation, corporations, estates and trusts, family law, and real estate law. This program is open to anyone who wants to add to their paralegal credentials. This women-only school offers classes for all these programs from its Longmeadow campus on the weekdays and weekends to accommodate all types of schedules.

You can apply the credits you earned for your AS degree towards a BS or BA in legal studies if you decide to continue your education. Named the best paralegal program by readers of Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly in , this certificate is designed for anyone who wants to bolster their paralegal credentials. There are several different scheduling options to complete this non-credit program.

Topics covered include legal research, legal writing and reasoning, probate and family law, litigation, and more. This school makes our list because it offers two ABA-approved programs that develop professional relationships with the legal field in the heart of Boston.

The AS program takes two years to complete and is 65 credits. The certificate program is 30 weeks and 27 credits. Both programs culminate with an internship in the greater Boston metro area. You can apply for the certificate program if you already have at least an AA or AS degree. If you have an AAS you may need to complete additional prerequisites before you can apply. This credit program puts student schedules at the forefront, offering options for evening classes and two-year part-time completion, or a one-year schedule for full-time students.

Internship opportunities are available year-round in the West Barnstable and greater Cape Cod area. Those changing careers or coming from high school need only a high school diploma or GED to apply for this program. We chose to feature this school because it has been producing top-qualified paralegals from its Chicopee campus for decades with the oldest ABA-approved paralegal programs in the state.

This school is unique in the nation for offering such a wide variety of ABA-approved paralegal programs. Students can apply the credits they earn in the AA program towards the BA programs. Completing either the AA or BA programs also earns the advanced paralegal certificate automatically, and includes a paralegal internship. To be eligible to apply to the credit nurse consulting certificate program you must have a current RN license and at least 2, hours of clinical practice.

This involves completing at least 27 credits from the paralegal program and also results in the advanced certificate upon graduation. MBCC offers many of its courses in the evening, on the weekend, and online. As they near the end of their studies students have the option to participate in an internship in the Wellesley Hills and greater Boston metro area. The credit AS degree can be completed in two years, and the credit certificate can be completed in one year.

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I now have two children and can easily make , When you set your mind to making a great life for yourself and your family you will do it yes education is important and I wish I had made other decisions , With that being said my past does not define my intellect my drive nor my capabilities to find financial freedom and be successful I just keep always wanting and giving more!! In my experience you just give the degree, though the first job I did also show them my transcript.

Focus appears to be more on work experience than GPA. I graduated with honors and have never put my GPA on my resume or been asked it in an interview. I find this fascinating. The GPA is more relevant for 30 and below imo. I should, because it is pretty good. But I always thought it was bragging…. Trust me when I say that a lot of employers will think the applicant is hiding something. The fields are totally unrelated. I think it depends on the job requirements, candidate experience and if the field of study is relevant.

I could care less about GPA if the person is well known in the field or has tons of experience in it. Gives hope for a lot of bad students out there looking for a job. How many have you interviewed and hired? As a high school graduate, I was valedictorian of my class with a 4. My parents had never went to college. When I applied to school, it was mostly based on schools that received my SAT scores and followed up with advertisement. A lot of those schools are private liberal arts colleges.

I went to the one that cost the least in terms of loans. When I was in college, I studied math and chemistry. I did well in Chemistry until I got to the laboratory.

Then I started blowing things up on accident and realized I had no career in it. I continued with math. I had a knack for getting As in both. One day, I had a conversation with a classmate and my girlfriend at the time. To paraphrase, they said I was great at IR and could have a stellar career in it. So, it gave me an ego boost as well as an improved GPA:. I felt hesitant about the lower math GPA. So, I made the mistake of asking some of the college administrative staff about how important your major was.

I think, in retrospect, that was horrible advice as I always liked the Math more than economics and politics. As I got deeper into the International Relations degree, I realized that it was all about arguing passionately for a specific viewpoint. I had enjoyed reading up on history more than political discussion.

After college, I tried to get a job, but no one would hire me. The only other valuable skill I had was dealing with spreadsheets. After getting my first spreadsheet job 9 interviews , I picked up a VBA manual on my bosses desk and read it through. I then ended up picking up more and more technology skills and ended up as a software engineer.

I think in my case it was pure ignorance high school me. Sure, I could memorize books well, but I had no real connections. I had no experience getting a job. I had no clue how loans worked. My girlfriend on the other hand, ended up working for a top consulting firm after getting her masters in corporate finance! I think that can make a huge difference. Now I assist in the hiring process and I still do not look at grades. We hire on mostly on references and personality.

Working as a team is the most important issue for us. Just because you can obsorb and regurgitate the material does not mean you will be a hard working, loyal and reliable employee. If your GPA is 4. How many employees go to highly ranked schools and get high gpas in studies which have no real use in the real world.

Does that mean mean that 4. Or Focus on studies from H. S and college in high stress striving for 4. The one thing that is amazing to me is government jobs. She makes well over 6 figures for her job. She hired in at 75k.

Her previous experience before getting hired? If you go in as a tech for example GS , however, you will be stuck there forever regardless of performance consecutive exemplary ratings here , schooling Bachelors 3.

Go in as a internship with scheduled grade increases for example GS07 to 09 to 11 to 12 increasing every year or so. That being said, i met a lot of good folks in civil service and a lot of bad ones. Overall, i grew professionally because i welcomed responsibility and i loved the soldiers and mission.

I sincerely wish you the best of luck in landing a civil service position. If you get in, i hope you are promoted higher than i was. Granted, I used to see many people miserable doing this, but they were bringing in 6 figures as a mechanic, pipefitter or in some cases, even HS level line workers.

Finally, you can get a side job — like blogging! I loved watching the reality shows and discovery shows about those type of jobs. Yeah, those are good shows. Also, you can make big bucks building skycrapers on crains and being Luke Skywalker too! People have natural limits. Marrying for money always works. Furthermore, you can start your own business or work two jobs. Join the federal government and rake it in after a while too! Your other options are exactly my point. I support Sam on this topic.

Yes you CAN at any age. I did get a high GPA, but not in a major that anyone cares about English. I had no connections. I did not do any networking. I dont doubt it because i think anything is possible. Im majoring in finance with a minor in management and il have 1 yr of teller experience when i graduate. If you dont mind i would like to know how you landed this job and what sector of finance Is it in? Measuring people by their GPA and academics is totally wrong, some young people have more wisdom than any college graduate and a better work ethic too.

You guys are really boxing people in. There are also plenty of unskilled tradesman making great money. Preferable a trade that cannot be outsourced is a big plus. I often wish I had chosen plumbing over the machinist trade! I have a particular publisher in mind. Trust me on this. I know many women who have tried and failed. After a year of building relationships with agents, publishers, authors… guess what?

Help them, and they will eventually come around and help you. The one field that always seems to keep people employed besides medical is Accounting, so you are definitely right about that!

I would love to make k, but so far, nobody has come up with that kind of cash for me to blog and take care of my kids. However, when I was working in IT, I did ok. So in many cases, I am not sure IT is the fantastic career it once was. I am sure it is different if you work at Google and such, but for people starting their careers in programming, the competition is stiff not only between American workers, but with those abroad also.

I think part of it is personality, as you mentioned. You have to be able to tolerate the good and the bad. Many people want the perfect job and are unhappy quite easily. If you have a good attitude and are willing to do just about anything, I think you will find success much easier than the guy that grumbles in his cube.

Nobody wants to work with or for a grouch who complains all the time! The kind of IT jobs that are being outsourced are generally lower skilled programming jobs. Actually the opposite seems to be true: This is especially true for startups looking for people with skills in mobile development.

I graduated with a computer science degree 3 years ago and can attest to the fact that the risk of offshoring was overstated. I had many job interview, even though I was job hunting at the height of the recession and my GPA was very mediocre. I have just recently gotten an offer from a competing firm with the result that I will have nearly doubled my salary in less than 3 years.

You make an excellent point Forest! To be a kid again. When we are young, we aspire to do and be something. Where does all that aspiration go? It goes out the window when kids mess around too much in school and have little options upon graduation. Might be good, but why not stick with the best? I find in engineering that personality is equally as important a factor as grades. Communication is important for sure!

That said, how many people do you know who meet all of those traits? Median income is much lower where I live, but so are housing costs. Gasoline and taxes are higher, though. Is it possible if you work hard? Yes, I believe that it is.

I was one of those students that did crap in HS, but eventually went on to get 3. I am not a super-whiz student for sure, and if I had tried harder I probably could have done better, but it is possible to turn things around!

I also like the point about optimism. I naturally have black thoughts all the time, so to counter that, I force myself to see the more optimistic path. These are great points. As the saying goes…The cream rises to the top. This is an interesting post. I did well in HS, but not fabulous in college, although I attained the bare minimum to get a honours business degree. She ended up scoring this very strange job of cleaning stores at the end of the day overnight and shining the floors with a machine.

She makes over 6-figures now, doing what she enjoys doing cleaning and making a good living from it. I think we create our own luck. I believe in this entirely. And suuuure nothing about the post is meant to be controversial. That statement is like a microcosm for your posts! Innocently offering something controversial as if it were the most normal thing in the world. Definitely makes for fun reading.

Given the choice between someone who got a 4. Even for a job irrelevant to both disciplines. The math student had a tougher workload and almost certainly knows how to attack a problem better. And it sickens me to point this out, but you did leave one crucial criterion off your list of basic necessities: I donno man… 3. To your first point: To your second point: I have no connections whatsoever. It was to follow your passion for graphic art!

Following my passion was definitely the wrong thing to do. I wish someone would have told me thatthe first time around. Thanks for the good wishes. I only wish I had done this sooner, rather than holding out and trying to find Graphic Design work. But let me ask you this. When you were …. I make over k as a graphic designer. Sticking with something your passionate about while making sure to follow trends and the direction of the design market is all it takes.

I respectfully challenge your assertion that your graphic design degree mean absolutely nothing in terms of achieving a large income. They just made a conscious choice to go after high-paying gigs in high-paying industries entertainment, biotech, well-financed startups.

Think of it this way: AND most of those big pharma companies are laying off their designers right and left, which means a wide-open market for freelancers. My only point is that in some industries such as graphic design , it IS nearly impossible to make good money IF you work for someone else. But if you really like what you do, you will find a lucrative market. Fourteen years ago I quit my day job to become an executive presentation skills coach.

Everyone thought I was nuts. Why did I focus only on executives, when there is a much greater demand and a larger market for presentation skills among sales people? Is it easier to make a six-fig income in some of the industries mentioned? I firmly believe you will never get rich working for someone else.

Being your own boss, where what you make will usually although not always equate to how hard you work, seems a slightly more reliable path to financial security. Thanks for your thoughts and good rebuttal. You can certainly get rich that way too, and that is also following the money occupation. I think that you also need the right breaks to break the six figure mark. But, if you did the things I suggested above.. Might be later, but sooner or later you will. I actually make 6 figures and I was a B student at college.

There are people who will never make K because their talents are not rewarded by money in our society you will have a hard time finding a firefighter or police officer making 6 figures while all doctors will make it. Which is why you have breached the K mark!

Making 6 figures after one or 2 years out of college is almost impossible in the financial industry in Montreal mind you, jobs are very limited in this field, we are not in NY ;-.

You are right, we always want more. However, I think there is something else; it becomes easier once you breach that psychological mark. Curious to know what income level is that in Canada where taxes go up a disproportionate amount? But, there is no province or state tax to add right?

Can you guys deduct your mortgage interest or anything, and is there a socialistic income limit to be able to do so? It depends a lot on specialty of practice. I married a physician who specialized in family medicine, which is primary care. Her prospects upon leaving residency are more between the kk range. I know one family medicine physician who started his own clinic, grew it, hired other health care providers, and makes about k. She wants quality time at home as well. Surgeons probably earn the most, and I know getting into an anesthesiology residency is highly competitive.

Anyway, to sum up my point in a brief way too late! The more entrepreneurial you are, like everything, the more you can make. You can be a doctor entrepreneur, or just a doctor. The oil province is a little more lenient in this regard since they have oil money to compensate. In fact, in Canada we practice wealth redistribution on a provincial scale, and the rich provinces must contribute in order to support the poorer ones. No, we cannot deduct our mortgage interest at any income level.

In Canada, we do not give a big FU to renters. In fact, in some ways, we give the FU to property owners, instead rent controls, tenant rights laws, property tax rebates for low-income renters, etc…. Financial utopia to renters? I think there are two basic ways to get to K. First is to plan a career that offers jobs that pay K as FS talks about above. The second is to follow a passion that can lead to K due to your skill or making a good business out of the passion. So, the passion job is not typically a K job — but you find a way or you follow it to a direction that leads to that income.

A lot of people LOVE their jobs, which is why they are so successful in the first place! Even if you have no interest in those professions, the idea of maximizing your career and income is important. If possible, take advantage of opportunities and make some if necessary. If someone wants to make money and teach, well then there are just so many opportunities out there for one to grab! If you are going to work for someone else ie a company , I think you left out one the most lucrative careers to make kk plus: And if I go to one of the top business schools, not that I am older, my salary will now just pay back my expenses.

Not the end of the world to get bored going shopping! You can always blog as you do on the side even if you married into millions! I agree but I think that it far more probable that the average A student would outearn the average C student over a lifetime.

It is sad that our perspectives change so quickly. Entrepreneurship is definitely a great way, or a really bad way. But, to do both, have a steady job and something on the side would be great. I too regret that effectively a large chunk of what we earn goes to the government, but is there an alternative solution to how the country could be run? Help me understand the last comment on making 9. I agree that it is totally achievable, but I am not sure I understood the context of the entire statement?

Was waking up from a hangover. I do believe that those five basic necessities you had pointed out are needed by anyone for any endeavor they may want and be successful.

Personally I am very happy at my current income of k. Let me explain why. My base salary is 64k but I receive a monthly stipend from my employers of about k-4K it fluctuates. This stipend is non taxable so I only pay taxes on the 64k and the rest is a straight deposit to my account. Having said that, they might be something people want to do. I believe in doing what you love; money is not enough! The people that get paid the most are the ones that take ownership of problems, demonstrate leadership, and show their employers they are people who can be entrusted with the most difficult and sensitive tasks.

I agree with that completely. Unis are turning them out like hotcakes, because there are just Too. Think really hard about going to college? No, I will never advocate that if someone has a chance to go. It is what you do with your time that matters the most. And to add, You are enjoying your cup of joe post hangover morning raking in money talking to these people.

Trying to sell them on your own personal ideas…. While Google and everyone else hand you money for marketing….. Its making you money by the second. When, reality here, these people are looking to forward their progress in life. They are in need of help. And you are making money on it. That, my friend, does not even take a high school diploma to do.

So, anyone looking to truly progress in life, monetarily or just for basic want of progression in life, which most of us under the k range deal with on a daily. This is not the place for you.

Unless you are looking outside of the box and taking notes on his blog set up and advertisements. And to then still struggle. With hospital bills from the labor you work so hard just to hardly make it by, actually to not quite hardly make it by, because of those those dr bills we have to pay for our children and ourselves from physically working so hard to just survive.

We are inflated with humans that hardly get the chance to a good upbringing let alone a good school system. Maybe you could actually help us and write a blog on how we unfortunate, 4. These are the people that need financial help. Its the majority of America…..

Help us and we will help you. You have the knowledge, take it to a lower level and help the less fortunate. As I read further to post this, I saw a next post about marrying for money. I know it happens. After a 7 year extremely abusive marriage, which ended in debt over my head and my children still get to see this abuser and still has more time than should be allowed, due to a horrid system, with his perfect on paper persona, Works for the DOD, contractor, writing programs and coding for them, white collar perfect portrayal of family, to only be a devil in his own home behind closed doors…..

The need for people with your knowledge to help us majority, could really help our country as a whole. Please take into consideration not just monetary value of your life, but what you can do to help us in need. I am now 41, a single mom of two girls, was able to leave a highly abusive marriage alive, working my ass off to make ends meet and it is never ending….

I guarantee the majority of us are the hardest working Americans in the country. The older I get, the less a chance I have of marrying up. I think the key to making lots of money is testing a business model in a small scale and if it works, then multiply that business model ten folds then 20, 30 and etc.. And to test it on a small scale while you are working with a steady paycheck.

Love this article and the suggestions. I recommend learning from life masters and mentors in addition to the suggestions.

Sometimes who you know is more important than what you know. I personally favor Tony Robbins as he is extremely practical. I also feel his teachings are especially important in this New Economy.

However I have several friends who work as social media technologist monetize YouTube videos, twitter relationships etc. Also I work as an IT Business Analyst for a large consulting firm and make over 6 figures… My boss last year made over k with bonus for a midsize software development firm in retail.

There is so much money to be made out there — BUT a lot of the old jobs are gone. That is a legit job that was created during the recession.

You have to find what the market is paying for these days — the money is out there. Thanks for the heads up. I will agree the one thing they have is work ethic.

I only have an AA degree nothing to brag about though I always earned As. I decided to get married at 19 I know, right?! I sell around properties a year. I guess the grades that we got when we are in high school or college should not only be the basis of what we will be in the future. Get good grades, go to a top school, get hired by a prestigious company in IT, finance or become a doctor, lawyer, engineer.

Actually, you can become an entrepreneur, buy a franchise, write and sell a screen play to a hit movie, write a best seller, or offer specialized personal services to rich people chef, trainer. The sex trade makes billions. Interesting article and dialogue. I went to a lower end UC, and graduated in Political Science, a major which doesnt pay right away. I instead got into direct sales for a cable company and made k my first year out of college by selling cable door to door.

I made even more the second year. Been there for fooir years now — earning kk but dont see it going mucb higher. Not sure what to do to hit that next level. Toying with the idea of going ack for my MBA to take that next leap of faith but its hard to leave my income and incure a k debt for a goood business school.

I agree, being motivated, working hard, being positive, not being a hard partier- but a hRd worker has helped me reach that sox figure mark. Thanks for the article.

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