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❶Our Quality Assurance process for our editing and proofreading services is rigorous, and all of our processes are independently verified according to global standards. If you choose this Basic Level, without doubts you will see basic colors will be adjusted, exposition plus contrast will be also fixed.

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Photo editing prices by Fix The Photo company

With that in mind I recently used my publishing contacts to recruit some talented editors, and set up shop as The Book Butchers. But we offer packages that include more for authors who can afford them. You could also be using a reader group for this. I do this on purpose actually, because it makes me seem more human and increases reader engagement. In that case, the money spent on an editor would be well worth it. Paying for a service that looks at your story and helps you tell it powerfully — could help book sales.

But most editing services just clean up the writing without actually improving the story, in which case the money could probably be used in more beneficial ways. At the very least, you should get some free sample edits from a few book editing sites to see what they change and recommend. If you are an established writer and you have experience with book sales, and an audience of hungry fans, and the money to afford editing, of course you should do it.

So for a lot of authors, recommending they pay a lot of money for editing is encouraging vanity publishing doing it for yourself, not for income.

Skipping editing, or using a variety of free or cheap options to get it pretty clean but not immaculate, and then spending some money on marketing or advertising, might work better for you if you have a limited budget and have to make tough choices. Want to make a living doing what you love?

Join over 20, passionate creatives and turn your vision into a profitable business. My FREE manifesto and email series will help discover your source of genius and create work that matters, so you can make a living with your art or writing, quit your job and change the world. Click here to reserve your copy. How much does book editing cost? And are you getting ripped off? How do you pick one? How much should you pay? Just as a basic rubric for pricing, take a look at Selfpublishing.

Same thing if the writing is too bad. Having finished it, our manager will contact you and provide you the first-class and certified editor in this direction with individual post production photo editing.

Below there is information about what is the main difference between all levels, how to understand which one you should choose. Which stages each one consists of? How much should you pay? What are the main benefits of choosing our qualified team you can find below. If you choose this Basic Level, without doubts you will see basic colors will be adjusted, exposition plus contrast will be also fixed.

The second main part of post processing is a basic retouching of people which includes teeth whitening, red eyes effect removing. It will usually suit people who want careful post processing of their works plus demand individual approach.

Our managers and retouchers pay much efforts even to the small details: These services are often used by the portrait photographers. Every professional photographer worked with this style of modern post processing. If you work in magazine or fashion photography industry, you know the meaning of the word "High End".

This word combination can be understood as something higher in price and of better quality than most others. It will suit those who need a deep image post processing but do not have enough time for it by their own. The rate for exactly this type is higher because the digital retouchers pay additional attention to a lot of details.

It requires more time spent by the retoucher on each of your images. There is a way of editing which gives an opportunity to change the picture as much as it can be. It covers the techniques from the basic Retouching Level but it is full of the additional photo manipulations.

Usually the clients ask to replace the background, change the heads or other parts of the body or even add special things to the face, figure, skin, etc.

You can ask to add shadows or change toning, merge photos, add or delete elements, even strangers from the background. It is the most expensive service we provide and it costs its money.

This level of image editing includes photo manipulations, photomontage, damaged photo enhancement as you can read from its name. Pro Level of retouching and background manipulation are included to the price. Enhancing old or damaged images service is the second side of this package.

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Our Prices. Note: For regular editing services (1-day editing and longer), documents are returned by midnight (Eastern time) on the due date. For example, a document submitted for the 1-day editing service on Monday will be returned by midnight on Tuesday (Eastern time).

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Instant Price Quotes. Join our family of over 35, writers and receive professional editing with personal service!. Discover instantly how affordable professional editing services can be for you!. Plus, you always get a Satisfaction Guarantee!

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Select your language, word count and preferred currency below to display pricing for all services available for your specific manuscript. Weekends and holidays are not included in our deadlines. 1. 5 packages of photo retouching services with affordable photo retouching rates: Basic - $2, Pro - $5, Extra - $10, High End - $10, Photo Manipulation & Restoration - $ If you need fast and quality image retouching with good photo editing rates – FixThePhoto company is a good choice.

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