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District Statistics Unit Test. See Google Classroom for more info. Math - 1st Hr: Prepare for a long test by getting plenty of rest and eating a nice breakfast!!!! Asgn 11 Pg , 11, Even. Asgn 10 Pg Please make sure your children have a good breakfast and plenty of sleep!!!! Asgn 9 Pg , , 15, Asgn 8 Pg 4, 5, Asgn 6 Pg , Asgn 4 Pg , 9, Even, 19, We start with 6th hour and end with 1st hour.

Asgn 4 Pg 4, 5, Asgn 2 Pg 7, Asgn 1 Pg odd, all. Bonus Fridays are when we go out for SSR Just keep that in mind!!!! Ch 8 Test Corrections Signed. Complete any additional research needed. Ch 8 Test; Notebook due. Planner checks and missing assignment sheets to be done on Monday Mr. Topper was absent today!!! Asgn 5 Pg ; 8. Asgn 6 Pg ; 8.

Asgn 2 Pg Even, 26, 28 2nd-4th Hr: Asgn 2 Pg Even, 26, Tomorrow is a Team Day. Students that missing work for the 4th term so just this week will be asked to finish it before participating in the games.

Howeverm we would like fo rthe the students to wear their tee-dye shirts on Thursday!!!! Continue adding to your sketch notes. Asgn 2 Pg , odd, 25, Final missing lists given today.

Please check planner for list, and remember Math and ELA due tomorrow Science and Social studies due Monday aside from homework given today. Update your sketch notes. Planners are also due. Notebooks due; Ch 4 Test. Please check missing lists. Please help find those missing assignments! Ch 4 Review Packet. Next Friday, March 23, is the last day of the 3rd term. Make sure all missing assignments are turned in!!!

Social Stuides - Chapter 8 Test. Counts as 20 points towards test grade. Asgn 2 Pg , , 2nd-4th Hr: Asgn 4 Pg , Social Studies - Immigrant Panel.

Asgn 3 Pg Asgn 2 Pg , , Asgn 1 RPJ Pg 80 They are stapled into the planner. Thank you for helping us make sure all students get their work in!!! Asgn 5 Pg odd, 13, 15, 21, 23, Stay up to date on grades! Asgn 1 Pg even, Text Structure Quiz Friday!

Hands-On Equations Lesson 2 W. Social Studies - Culture Project - Last dy to work on in class. The article is posted on google classroom. Social Studies - Cutlure Project - Look for an artifact to bring in Parents - check your email! Extra Credit Progress Check Quiz 3. Asgn 5 Pg , odd. Asgn 4 Pg Asgn 3 Pg even, even, odd, all. Unit 2 Review W. Ch 5 Test; Ch 5 Notebook Check. Asgn 2 Practice Fraction, Decimal, Percent Conversion Quiz.

Asgn 9 Pg even, , odd: Dec 8; Notebook quiz ; Ch 5 Test Science - None Work on vocabulary flashcards as needed. Refer to Big Picture on p. Asgn 7 Practice 5. Asgn 6 Practice Asgn 6 Pg 5, 8, 11, 12, 14, 15; 5. Please check grades whenever you can. Make sure all work is turned in. If you are allowed to redo work for a better grade, DO IT!!!! Asgn 5 Practice 5. Have at least one discussion starter question and the vocabulary prepared for the meeting.

Have all required reading completed. Ch 2 Test Corrections due; Percents W. Answer in complete sentences. Asgn 6 Pg , , Asgn 5 RPJ Pg Asgn 4 Pg , 8, 10, 14, , ; 2. Asgn 1 Pg 17, , 24; Pg even, 30; Percents W.

RPJ Pg 38 Practice 2. Planners are being checked tomorrow. RPJ Pg 34 Practice 2. We had a great assembly today about being upstanders. Please talk to your kids about bullying and how to stand up and to speak for those that are being bullied. Unit 1 District Test. Hope the shirts turned out great! Pg Check Comprehension ; Critical Thinking Finish "States of Matter" Cover pg. There is no homework today, other than Village presentations continuing on Monday, and the Science ISN will be checked on Monday as well.

T-shirts should be coming home with students today 9with instructions. Please hold off on washing them until Sunday. The longer they sit, the more the color seeps in. Make sure to rinse them first, and be careful washing these with other clothes. Our plan is to wear these shirts next Friday for Class Color Day.

Please make sure to sign up for conferences. Ch 6 Test; No Homework. RPJ Pg Practice Ch 6 Ntbk Quiz Tue. Social Studies - Brainstorm Village Project will work on project all next week. Chapter 11 Review Packet; Read Ch 6 Quiz Wed. Please check Skyward for any missing assignments! All missing work must be in by Thursday in order to participate in Bonus Friday!

Asgn 6 Pg , , , 23, If you can help tie-dye, we are planning on Friday, Otcober 20 during 1st - 4th hours!!! Asgn 4 Pg , 12, odd, T-shirt forms were due today, and we are still missing about 15 - 20 orders.

Topper if you know you are going to turn it in on Monday. Asgn 1 Pg , Parents, make sure you have Family Access! You can even set alerts if your child has a missing assignment EGAD!!!! There will be a 5 themes of geography test on Tuesday, October 3! Check Google Classroom for notes! Chapter 2 Quiz; Read 6. Math - 1st Hour: Graph should have 4 bars, title, labels and color.

All of these tests are done right away, and we still do our four core classes after the test just shortened. Asgn 4 Pg 28 , odd, 24, 26, Asgn 3 Pg 20 , , odd, 26, 28, Asgn 3 Pg , odd, 20, odd 2nd-4th Hour: Asgn 2 Pg 14 , odd, 22, Pg 15 Pg 6 , Oak Valley Parents Homework Hotline.

Homework Hotline - 8th Grade. Color of cars graph and paragraph if not finished in class Day — Science: Chapter 5 Project Due Monday Leadership: None Lukes — 8th grade math: No response McKinney- SS: None Mitchell- Honors Algebra 1: Often, the time spent in class is not sufficient for kids learning a new skill or subject. Parents and tutors are typical sources of homework help because they are able to work directly with a child at his or her pace.

In the years before the Internet became ubiquitous in many homes and schools, students used homework help hotlines when stuck on a tough math problem or reading passage. If not, you can find other phone and online options for homework help. Big Y Homework Helpline is a free homework help option worth considering. Big Y provides a toll-free number, BIGY, which your child can call with homework questions.

If your child would prefer not to call, there is also an online option. Your child simply needs to log on during the hours that the homework helpline is available, provide his or her name, grade and school location. The website includes educational videos and activities that may help your child.

This Farmington Community Library homework help site and sites like it have changed the way that your child can get help. At this site, your child can enter a question or assignment into a box and then submit it. He or she can receive a response either by e-mail, phone or U. Finding and taking advantages of resources to help with homework is an important skill that students will use throughout their academic careers.

Read on to learn more. You can ensure that your child is getting the most out of his or her assigned homework. This article contains tips you can implement in order to become a more effective homework helper.

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This season on Homework Hotline we will be talking about some important issues that impact your life.

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Rose Hulman Hotline. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology’s AskRose Homework Help is a free math and science tutoring service for Indiana students and other students in grades Students can call ASK-ROSE, email, or chat live with a friendly tutor to work through and better understand homework assignments.

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Why a hotline? Need help but have no transportation to a tutoring center? Call Homework Hotline and get tutoring on the phone. Need help but cannot afford private tutoring? We're free. Embarrassed to get help in front of your peers? No problem. Tutoring is anonymous. And we are really nice. The Homework Hotline is here to help! The Wichita Public Schools is offering support for students at all grade levels. Students who have questions about their assignments, as well as parents who need support while helping their child at home, can call or email the Homework Hotline.

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Homework Hotline offers students live on-air and online homework help from teachers. Homework Hotline is a service of Montgomery County Public Schools. Homework Hotline’s mission is to help Tennessee students in grades K learn, understand and complete challenging assignments, and master new concepts through free one-on-one tutoring by phone and online chat. Volunteer. Whether you’re a student, community member or teacher, join howtoviag-ragbmdp.tkon: Park Avenue Nashville, TN USA.