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Investment Banking Resume Template - Official WSO CV Example

Banking Resume Writing:

❶I was just wondering, are IB resumes suppose to be different from regular resumes? May 3, -

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As a recent production this is arguably the most up-to-date guide out there on how to write a killer investment banking resume. Vault is a powerhouse of career advice for people looking to land jobs in a variety of careers, and this is their popular guide for job seekers.

But if you have free access to it through your college careers center then be sure to check it out, as it is a very quick read and can provide you with some extra tips to tighten up your investment banking resume and investment banking cover letter. Note — Vault does look specifically at the investment banking resume and cover letter in passing in some of their investment banking focused guides.

There are so many investment banking resume review services to choose from in the banking world, with dozens of bankers offering their services in forums, on Wall Street Oasis and even through Craigslist! And while they may know their stuff, how can you be sure? But in a world where you get what you pay for, this service seems perfect for those of you with money to spend and the burning desire to have a bullet proof, world class resume ready for this recruiting season.

Run by iBanker, this website specializes in giving students just like you all the help they need to launch their career in investment banking. When you visit Bank on Banking you can read dozens of high quality articles on IB recruiting, which is the sort of irrefutable proof you need to know that iBanker is the person for you.

Wanna get the monkeys to do it? You will get a fairly similar level of service to IIB and iBanker in terms of what they will do to your resume initial review, back to you, final review. Why would you consider getting your investment banking resume reviewed by a website specializing in management consulting career advice?

Well, because one of the key members of the Management Consulted team is a Stanford alum, has serious bulge bracket banking experience and knows his stuff. But what will truly blow you away about their resume revisions? Jun 14, - 1: Better yet, replace the entire resume with a QR code. Private Equity Interview Questions. Feb 14, - 4: Feb 14, - 1: I think there is such a thing as the perfect resume in theory, just like the perfect woman Feb 14, - 2: Feb 17, - Investment Banking Interview Case Samples.

Feb 21, - 1: Feb 26, - 5: Mar 12, - 5: Excel Model Templates and Training. Mar 30, - 1: Mar 30, - 3: Apr 28, - 9: Toughest PE Interview Questions. May 1, - 5: May 3, - Jul 1, - 1: You da real MPV. May you - and this amazing forum - live long and prosper. Jul 1, - 6: If you fall down, make sure you get back up with a vengeance! Jul 2, - 9: Thank you, this is my first time come here, and this template will help me a lot.

Jul 4, - 7: Aug 19, - 6: Thanks for the template WSO! Aug 20, - 2: Aug 25, - Aug 26, - 8: Aug 27, - 9: Aug 28, - 1: Aug 28, - 6: Keep it to 1 page max. Aug 28, - 3: Aug 31, - 2: Sep 2, - 5: Oct 2, - 5: Is this considered a CV or a resume? Oct 2, - 7: Time to get back in the cage! Jan 2, - Jan 3, - 5: Mar 31, - 7: Mar 31, - 9: Anyone know how to download this on the new forums?

Apr 1, - 8: Apr 1, - Investment Banking Interview Questions. Sep 1, - 2: Dec 23, - 6: Dec 29, - Now we can all have the same resume format! Jan 6, - 3: Jan 6, - 6: Jan 6, - 1: Jan 13, - Jan 7, - 6: Jan 22, - Jan 30, - 5: Awesome Thank you so much for this informative post!

Feb 24, - 5: Mar 11, - 9: Mar 22, - 1: This format seems to be longer than a page when i try to export it to word? Apr 5, - 2: Anyone have a resume template? Kiss kiss bang bang. Experienced Resume Templates Originally Posted: Apr 19, - 2: I would like to if the offer is still available.

Aug 17, - 6: Would love that also. Dec 28, - 9: Thank you so much! Nicest haircut than Bateman. Dec 30, - 4: Jan 29, - Feb 28, - 6: This is awesome thanks! Apr 2, - May 10, - 3: Same company Multiple positions Multiple locations E.

May 25, - 5: Thomas James, investment banker who moonlights as a bespoke suit salesman. Jul 9, - 7: Helped a lot, many thanks. Jul 15, - 8: Jul 17, - Jul 19, - Jul 26, - 3: Thanks for the template! Aug 23, - Aug 31, - 9: What about the Jessica Pointing Resume? Sep 9, - Sep 9, - 5: Oct 5, - 6: Very nice template, I had to make some modifications to fit everything but awesome! Oct 10, - 9: Dear all, I cannot access to the resume template for candidates with deal experience.

Oct 31, - 5: Nov 18, - Does this template work for wealth management? If I were interviewing for an advisor role. Nov 28, - 1: Nov 22, - 4: Jan 3, - 3: Jan 16, - Thank you for this post!

Try to connect this experience with the investment banking skills like valuation or financial modeling. It is one of cover letter basics to prove that you are a good candidate in terms of the company culture. If you want to check whether you are a good fit, you can network with the bank workers and discover how the company culture looks like at first-hand.

If you already know how it looks like, assess honestly whether you are a good fit. In the end, repeat how much you want to be a part of investment banking, why you are the best fit , and point out that you attached your resume and recruiters can reach you at your contact information. The conclusion is not a place to include the new information. This is almost a pure formula. The first two paragraphs should tie all the things you said before. If you want to write an investment banking cover letter with no experience, it is especially important for you to follow the structure we exposed before.

Also, check job interview dressing guide to make sure your appearance suits your cover letter! An error can result in a failure. To work in an investment banking, you should pay attention to details. An error can be a reason for a recruiter to pass on to the next candidate.

Does Cover Letter Investment Banking Really Matter?

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Thinking about applying to a job in the financial industry? View our investment banking resume sample to help guide you in your writing process.

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Want to know what the best investment banking resume guides and review services are? WetFeet v Inside Investment Banking v Vault v BankonBanking v Mergers &. Learn how to write an investment banking resume (Analyst or Associate) with CFI's free guide and resume template regarding Corporate Finance Institute and its products and services and other matters (including the products and services of Corporate Finance Institute’s affiliates and other organizations). Highlight any transaction or.