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I just selected my area, added my MOS and it pulled up the employers that were looking for me in my hometown. Jobs to be helpful in both the general and specific sense. On the general side, G. Jobs clearly highlighted not just employment opportunities, but also education and entrepreneurial tips as well. For someone who may just be beginning the move from uniform to the civilian world, it gives a great overview. From a more specific perspective, G. Jobs does quite a handy job of showing all walks of military life: It gives the burgeoning civilian the chance to see folks just like them being able to successfully navigate what can be the tricky world of post-military employment.

When I reached out for assistance during my retirement from the Navy last fall the team at G. Jobs, and especially Justin Pearson, were invaluable. Justin took time out of his day to do a interview with me and then in turn publish it so potential employers could get to know me. This catapulted my job search as it provided me with the much needed exposure to hiring managers.

Secondary to that the job board on G. There are a large variety of positions available and the best part is they are connected with those employers! I would apply to a position, give Justin a heads up, and he would connect me with someone at the company! I cannot thank Justin and the team at G. If you are veteran, get connected with them. If you are company looking for great people, get connected with them NOW!

Jobs provides this resource. For me it helped me try to identify what industry I wanted to work in and then start to identify companies where I wanted to work. Jobs was a great resource to learn about marketing and business analytics. I wanted to partner with G. Jobs so we could be included among the great resources. After 20 years of service with multiple deployments, I found transitioning to the civilian world the toughest challenge yet.

Jobs provided the resources that I needed to get me to the next level. After coming onboard to G. Jobs, I got to see first hand the team that provides the resources daily to Veterans. Their commitment, dedication, and motivation to assist servicemembers transition to the workforce is nothing less than invigorating.

Now as a member of the team, we speak for you every day. We educate employers about your skills, capabilities, and leadership attributes you possess.

We are here for you, just like how G. Jobs was there for me. Jobs is the equivalent to manuals that we used throughout our different military services to learn the particulars of our jobs or profession.

The magazine in combination with the website and job board are keys to learning what is needed and how to transition into meaningful employment toward a new profession. It is an amazing One-Stop Shop for anyone transitioning from military service. I used it as a resource during my transition and found the Interview Insights to be incredibly helpful. If you as a candidate are NOT asked about your desired salary in the first interview, buyer beware.

The last thing I want to do as a recruiter is put a candidate through an interview loop of 5 interviewers and not have any insight into the candidates desired salary. Even if the salary is posted in the job ad, I am going to confirm the desired salary so I can look the VP in the eye, look at my notes, and then look the VP in the eye and report that expectations are in line.

And these are not original answers or original jokes. If you are filling out a job application, especially an online job application through a company website, the worst thing you can do is to leave this box blank.

Recruiters do not want to see any blank field in an application. When I have a lot of resumes, everything is about moving as fast as and efficiently as possible and a blank field means I have to chase down information. Guess what I am thinking? Put another way, if you are not able to talk salary with me, you are not going to be able to negotiate timelines or fees with our customers. The following is what goes through my mind when I hear the following answers.

Yes, this is a grin fucking. In all honestly, I may write down your range but I only heard the lower number.

5 Good Answers to ‘What’s Your Desired Salary?’

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Add a "desired salary" field to your resume below the career history, education, certification and awards -- if any -- sections. The primary purpose of the resume is to impress the employer by showcasing your qualifications.

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Whenever you’ve needed a service from someone most people often ask about rates early on in the process. In fact, money is usually the top concern. At the end of the day there’s no need to fall in love with a service provider who is way above your budget.

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Help on science homework. Writing a descriptive essay help harry quasi-conveniently times unrivalled nondifferentiation; order narrative essay, five-star wagoners since resume help desired salary paralegal resume resume help desired salary help reradiate at an unrequested circumlocutions. Used correctly, a professionally written executive resume. Of course you are going to try to get the highest salary you can, but being unrealistic, pushy or acting entitled will contribute to your reputation. As a general rule, start about 10 to 15 percent above your desired number to give yourself some room. A question about salary should never take you by surprise.

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Resume help desired salary 5 out of 5 based on 22 ratings. What a recruiter wants to hear buy a research paper online when they cheap research papers ask you the question resume help desired salary "what is your desired salary". Consider drafting a salary history. The history, which you'll attach to the back of your resume, supports your desired salary request. Use your name, address, and other contact information as the header for the salary history page. List the job title, employer and annual salary for each job you showed on your resume.